Donor Intro

Joan Davidson'Make a Difference'

As Joan Davidson walks through the galleries of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, she sees many familiar paintings.

“I have an emotional attachment to some of the works in the Museum because they were donated by my parents,” says Davidson, who serves as co-chair of the Campaign for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. “I grew up with them sitting over my shoulder at a desk or over my bed or in the living room and there they are sitting on the wall here now. “

For Davidson, the campaign represents an important new chapter in the life of the Museum.  “The facility is in great need of repair and the people that work here are doing everything they can to make the art available to everyone in the community,” she says.

“I have become involved in the campaign for the Museum because it means a lot to me personally, but it also means a lot to me to know that when we are finished with this campaign, we will bring the Museum up to a standard that will be open and available for every member of this community to come to and enjoy. They will be able to experience a beautiful, well designed space that will open their eyes to a world well beyond the one that they are used to knowing.”