Donor List Intro

Donor List 'Make a Difference'

The Campaign for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art would like to acknowledge the generous donors who have contributed to our Campaign.


Robert and Mercedes Eichholz Foundation


Diane Cunningham*
Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree


Judith Little


Lillian and Jon* Lovelace for the Art Receiving Facility
Jane and Michael G. Wilson and the Dana and Albert R. Broccoli Charitable Foundation


Gretchen and Marshall Milligan
Clay Tedeschi


Anonymous for the Mary Craig Auditorium
Patricia Aoyama and Chris Kleveland
Betsy Atwater
Jill and John C. Bishop, Jr. 
Susan D. Bowey in memory of Donald F. Bowey 
Zora and Les Charles
Connie Frank and Evan Thompson for the Education Classroom
The Audrey Hillman Fisher Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer G. Jackson - The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wm.* Schlosser for the Park Wing Reception Elevator
Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation 
Diane and Selby* Sullivan
The Towbes Family for the office of Museum Director
Zegar Family Foundation 


Anonymous for the Women's Lounge
The Ahmanson Foundation in memory of Robert F. Erburu
Jane and Ken Anderson for the State Street Entrance Reception Area
Martha and John Gabbert
Bob and Betty Klausner Memorial Fund
Gina and Joseph* Jannotta for the Education Conference Room
Luria Foundation in memory of Eli Luria
Jeanne Towles in memory of Stokley Towles for the office of Chief Curator
Dody Waugh


Dr. Elizabeth Angelicoussis
Leslie and Philip Bernstein 
Marcia and John Mike Cohen
Elizabeth H. Edwards
Robert and Christine Emmons
Lois and Robert* Erburu
G.A. Fowler Family Foundation 
Elaine and Mike Gray
Perri Harcourt 
The Hind Foundation 
Hutton Parker Foundation 
Douglas and Sandy McCartney
Bob and Betty Klausner Memorial Fund
Michelle Joanou in memory of Phil Joanou
Patricia H. Levee in memory of Richard Levee for the office of the Technology Center
Sara Miller McCune for the office of the Director of Education
The Mosher Foundation 
Chapin and Cynthia Nolen
Joanne Pearson 
Santa Babara Museum of Art Women's Board 
Merrill W. Sherman in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Marianne and Norman F.* Sprague III
Stapleton Charitable Trust 
Stone Family Foundation 
Clay Tedeschi in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
The Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation 
Susan and Bruce Worster 


Ameriprise Financial
Gwen and Henry Baker
Richard and Patricia Blake
The Otis Booth Foundation 
John C. and Shelby C. Bowen Charitable Foundation 
Robin and Dan Cerf 
Joan Davidson and John Schnittker in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Roger Eichholz
Starr Siegele and Larry J. Feinberg 
Dorothy and John Gardner 
Paul Guido and Stephen Blain 
Lorna S. Hedges 
Natalia and Michael Howe
Donna Kelsey 
Jacquelyn Klein-Brown
Marilyn Magid
Montecito Bank & Trust 
Timothy Leigh Rodgers, M.D. and Pamela Rodgers 
Susan* and Arthur Schultz
Pat and Terry Straehley


Brier and Kent Allebrand
Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Andrews
Linda and Peter Beuret
Michael Davidson and Patricia Johnson* 
Roger H. and Nancy D. Davidson 
Sheila and James Davidson
Lyn Eichholz Dunn
Paul Frimmer
Priscilla and Jason Gaines
Anne and David Gersh 
Judith Hopkinson
Mr. and Mrs. William Kistler
J. Paul Longanbach
Lillian Lovelace in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Mimi Michaelis
Patricia McNulty Mitchell
Regina and Richard Roney
Santa Barbara Foundation 
George Schoellkopf
Stephanie and Fred Shuman 
Vicki and Patrick Stone 
Alexa Davidson Suskin and Marc Suskin 
Louise L. Tighe
Sarah and Phillip Vedder 
Willes H.* and Kathleen Weber
Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin
Patricia Yzurdiaga

Up to $25,000

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Adler
Voula Aldrich
Karen Alexander
Susan Alexander
Julie M. Allen 
Anonymous in honor of John C. Bishop, Jr. 
Roxana and Fred Anson 
Pat Aoyama and Chris Kleveland in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Pat and Evan Aptaker 
Sarah Argyropoulos
Penny and Michael Artnz in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Arvey Foundation 
Gwen and Henry Baker in honor of Clay Tedeschi
Richard C. Banks
Jennifer and Jonathon Barton 
Gina and Ken Benesh
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Berlow
Binns Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Marika and Edward Bookin
Susan Bower in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Barbara Bradley
Karen and Peter Brill
Brittingham Family Foundation 
Brown Family Foundation 
Cynthia Brown and Art Ludwig
Lynn and Christopher Brown 
Ginny Brush 
Michele and Arnold* Brustin
Bryant & Sons Jewelers
Elizabeth and Andrew Butcher 
Nancy Caponi and Robert Adams in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Congressman Salud and Gina Carbajal 
Susan and Dennis Chiavelli 
Bill Cirone 
Christy and Al Close 
Marni and Michael Cooney
Gordon B. Crary*
Lilyan Cuttler 
Ann Daniel 
Suzanne Deardorff
Julia Delgado, M.D.
Laura and Alex DePaoli
Joan and Robert Dewhirst 
Mary Dorra in honor of Jill and John C. Bishop, Jr. 
Leslie Douglass
Isabel Downs and Robert Warner
Sam Erenberg and Elena Siff in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Katy and Ernest Drew 
Nancy Dubois 
Ronald and Ana Dufault 
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Duncan 
Nora Duncan in memory of Lisa Ann Duncan 
Daniel Dunn
Jane Eagleton
Katherine Eastman
Adrienne A. Edmonston
Julia Emerson in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Cinda and Donnelly Erdman
Melissa and Trevor Fetter 
Rita Ferri in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Jay Frederick 
Chris and Tom Frisina 
Francesca Galt
Mary Garton 
Bill and Rosemarie Gebhart
Richard and Katherine Godfrey
Loree Gold 
Frank and Patricia Goss
Patricia Heller
Cecia and Milt Hess
Mary Ellen Hoffman
Joanne Holderman
Cyndee Howard - The Anatman Foundation 
Karen Howsam
Wendi E. Hunter
Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and Judge George Eskin (Ret.) in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
James Michael and Diane Giles
Penny Jenkins and Gregg Hackethal
Nancy and Jerry Jensen 
The Rebecca Ann Kapustay Charitable Trust  
Karen Keller
Ms. Jill Kent 
Patti Kern and Andrew Pfeffer 
Denise Klassen
Drew Klausner in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Kathy Klausner in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Mimi Klausner in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Penny and Joseph Knowles 
Patricia Kohlen
Lois Kroc
Claudia Lapin
Ellen and Robert Lawson
Ann Leatherman 
Nancy and Mark Leffert
Fima and Jere Lifshitz
LLWW Foundation 
Sheila Lodge
Rev. and Mrs. Lottes in honor of Gwen Baker
Anne Luther and Julian Nott
Leslie and Peter MacDougall 
Laurie and Thad MacMillan
Sharon and Craig Madsen 
Deanna and Bill Major in memory of Kenji Kawaguchi and in honor of Isamu Kawaguchi
Jen and John Markham
Joan Marks in honor of John C. Bishop, Jr. 
Gloria and Keith Martin
Kathleen and Oscar Marx
Paula Mauro
Mary E. Maxwell
Alice and Albert McCurdy in honor of Jessie McCurdy, Santa Barbara Museum of Art Teaching Artist
Jadzia and Emmett McDonough 
The McIntyre Foundation 
Lori and Lawrence Mohr
Val and Bob Montgomery 
Diane and Douglas Morgan
Morouse Family Fund
Margaret and Dudley Morris
Dr. Fran Morrow
Deidre Morse
National Endowment for the Arts
Dr. and Mrs. George T. Northrop
Shan O’Brien Goldman in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Roberta Offen in memory of Henry Offen 
Elizabeth and Leon Olson in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Francoise Park 
Mrs. Rita Parson and Dr. Narendra Parson
Barbara and Owen Patotzka in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Lynn and Melvin Pearl
Teda Pilcher-Sipiora and Michael Sipiora 
Chrsitine Pinkerton and Paul Murphy 
Lorie and Michael Patrick Porter
Sheila and Thomas Prendiville
Mary Ann and Michael Ramey
Lisa Reich and Bob Johnson
Mary and John Romo 
Roz and Rich Rosin
Barbara and Gerrold Rubin
Gloria Z. Rubin
Barbara and George Ruediger
Shelly and Max Ruston 
Santa Barbara Museum of Art Docent Council
Patricia and Philip Santiago
Maryan Schall in honor of Nancy Schlosser 
Judy and Dale Seborg 
Helene Segal and George Konstantinow 
The Shelburne Family
Jacqueline Simons
Gretchen L. Simpson
Erika Joan Smith
Gary Smith and David Ligare in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Prudence Squier
Jeremy Stein
Drs. Michael and Beverly Steinfeld
Gail and Michael Stichler 
Jack Theimer in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner
Colleen and Robert Thornburgh 
Patricia J. Van Every 
David Van Horne 
Winifred M. Vedder*
Carol Vernon and Robert Turbin
Susie* and Hugh Vos
Harriet Watson in honor of Joan Davidson
Shirley and Ken Waxman
Nick and Patty Weber
William E. Weiss Family Foundation
Peggy Wiley and Wilson Quarre
Harold Williams and Nancy Englander
Irene and Ralph Wilson
Laura and Geofrey Wyatt
Karen and Matthew Yonally
Grace and Edward Yoon in memory of Mr. Arlie Skov and Dr. George Sturman 
Marilee Zedenek
Jana Zimmer and Richard Solomon in memory of Bob and Betty Klausner 
Diane and Steven Zipperstein